Exploited College Girls – CHLOE

CHLOE – Anal
Release Date: December 14, 2017

We love it when our favorite girls come back for more and back again for her anal encore is 19 year old Chloe! Not content to do just a solo and a threeway, her next goal was to get a hard cock up her ass. She’s doing it for a good reason though, to make her boyfriend happy (what a gal!). He’s been begging her for some anal, but with such a big cock, it never really worked out, except for that time she got drunk, but that’s another story… Continue reading

Exploited College Girls – Vienna

Vienna – Exploited College Girls
Release Date: December 7, 2017

Let’s see, a sweet, innocent, down home country girl with pierced nipples? What the heck are they doing down on the farm these days! We’re not complaining though with our truly barely legal Oklahoma girl Vienna, who just turned 18 a few months ago and is already doing her first porn scene. She tells us it’s just because she’s a naughty girl at heart and just can’t keep her hands off her pussy masturbating all the time. Our horny little blonde is….
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Exploited College Girls – Charlotte & Chloe

Charlotte & Chloe – Charlotte and Chloe Threeway
Release Date: November 23, 2017

Imagine being between two beautiful, petite, barely legal sweeties who have an insatiable appetite for sex and you get our fantastic fuck fest with Charlotte and Chloe. At just 18, Charlotte has become quite the star and of course it was time to team her up for some hot lesbian action. Happily, 19 year old Chloe was all in and the two really hit it off. It would be fair to say TC is one hell of a lucky guy to have these two taking turns with his cock. That is if he could stop them from sucking each others’ pussies. Continue reading

Exploited College Girls – Sophia


Exploited College Girls – Sophia
Released: April 14, 2016

Welcome Sophia to Ex Co Gi. She’s an exotic young thing with a healthy, positive attitude towards sex and sex toys, including the anal use of both. Obviously Jay is deeply smitten after learning this fact and things progressively get better and better as the shoot unfolds. Actually, the shoot starts off pretty great when Sophia happily drops her pants and masturbates in the car and just gets better from there as Sophia works her way to several real, intense orgasms and happily gives up her ass to Jay.

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Exploited College Girls – Allison

Allison – Exploited College Girls
Released: November 12, 2015

We’ve managed to locate yet another set of big, perfect tits. Lucky for you (and us) they are attached to an adorable 21 year old beauty named Allison. In addition to all natural double D’s she’s got a mane of sexy brown hair, a cute little bush and a nearly perfect body that she lets Jay take complete control of. Also, this should be the update that changes your life because you may have just found out a terrific little secret. Lurking inside that innocent, curvy hottie at the burger joint is a wild porn starlet just looking for an excuse to come out. So next time you order a number 3, try to lay on some charm and see if you can get a number 69 for take out after closing time.

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Exploited College Girls – Victoria

Victoria – Exploited College Girls
Released: November 5, 2015

Victoria doesn’t look like your typical porn girl, but after an energy filled shoot and three or four loud, creamy orgasms she convinced us and she’ll definitely convince you. We weren’t sure about Victoria, and she starts off nervous, but porn loving Victoria actually contacted us to get on the site and after assuring us that she loves to fuck, has BJ skills that are beyond compare and knows how to get herself off no matter what, we gave her a shot.

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Exploited College Girls – Mary

Mary – Exploited College Girls
Released: October 29, 2015

Mary is really into sex and as soon as Jay applies his fingers to her she sneaks up on the first of many orgasms. After she cums, she begs Jay to face fuck her. After plenty of nice replays, Jay gets down to the business of trying to make Mary orgasm again. He takes her on her back, on her face and even drills her in sideshow as he liberates 1-2 orgasms from every position.

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Exploited College Girls – Riley

Riley – Exploited College Girls
Released: October 22, 2015

Riley is the porno equivalent of winning the lottery. She’s got nearly perfect D cups, sensual dick sucking lips, a creamy and hungry pussy, a naturally sexy try anything attitude and she loves anal sex; this girl is the winning number AND the powerball.

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